To the Hearth

Your path winds between great trees as you step upon twigs and leaves of seasons past. The air is cool, smelling of pine and warm earth. Thin fog waits ahead, a veil of air and water hovering between earth and sky. You enter the mist and the forest silence is broken by a single chime, a bell far away. With a careful pace, you follow the path as it flows down a gentle grade to a sunken shore and wide marsh. Your path forks in opposite directions along the banks and you pause. Suddenly, weeds rustle as a bird takes flight. A great blue heron spreads his wide wings and climbs to the sky. He flies along the water's edge, leaving behind its fading cry, a beckoning. So summoned, you choose to follow and your path becomes narrow, but the way is clearly marked by stepping stones bordered by greenery. On the land side, flax plants grow. Their slim stems are bedecked with five petaled flowers, pale blue blossoms that shine from the foliage. On the other side, cattails and water lilies flank your way. An arrow of geese honk overhead and your eyes follow their flight above your path. The birds disappear over a stone building, a hall, in the distance. A line of smoke rises from the chimney. There is a hearth within...

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Saga Invocation

An Invocation and Song to Saga
                              by Cynn (Rowynn) Eberhardt

From Midgard to Asgard,
to the Hall of Sunken Beaches,
to the fast flowing strong stream of Time
Oh, Saga, sweet songstress,
to thee our homage reaches
for blessings of stories and rhyme.

May our words weave with wisdom.
May our rhymes ring right Wyrd.
May we ever remember your name.
Bright Lady of Legend,
sharing each a tale that teaches,
as we pray for your presence sublime.

© Cynn (Rowynn) Eberhardt

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